As a future tenant, here are some policies to prepare you for your exciting move.

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Pet Policy

  • Three dogs per RV please. Keep your dog on a leash when outside of your RV. Clean up after your pet immediately.
  • Pets are not permitted in park office or store buildings. Please do not leave your pet tied up and unattended.
  •  Also, please keep dog barking levels to a minimum as to not disrupt your neighbors. If your pet’s barking becomes a nuisance, you may be asked to leave the park.

Rules & Reminders


  1. Park a second trailer on your unit or lot without discussing it first with management.
  2. Park in the middle of a street or on a neighbor’s site.
  3. Leave vehicles that cannot function around your unit.
  4. Leave trash outside your home or around the communal areas.
A clean park is not only appealing but also allows a safer living space. Thank you for following park rules and doing your neighborly duty.
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  1. Park your vehicle on your site, in front of or behind your RV.
  2. If you move your picnic table, put it back. (Damage to RVs has occurred.)
  3. Throw trash in the dumpsters.
  4. Notify the office if you need to change sites.
  5. Notify the office staff to reset breakers – as per Arizona Public Service.

Thanks for being a good neighbor!

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Join the friendly folks at Rancho San Manuel and request your stay today!

Contact the park manager to start a new adventure in your future home right away.